Interested in Becoming a Studio Vendor?

Most artists, craftsmen or small local business struggle to find a brick and mortar building to sell their product and may become disillusioned with the expense of setting up shop. We offer affordable studio spaces, great foot traffic, and crossover business all to enhance exposure to help you be successful.

Along with a beautiful place to house your product or service, we also offer resources to help your small business be successful, including the option to simply display your products while we take care of your sales and customers for you!

At The ABQ Collective, we're all about local and helping the small business community of Albuquerque succeed. 

Prices for studio spaces varies, as each size is different. Please inquire if you are interested. Additionally, here's what renting studio space at The ABQ Collective looks like: 

  • Your business name/logo printed on vinyl for the wall and the 8x10 studio sign.

  • You will receive a landing page on our website for your business, published after you have submitted: 5-7 photos of your work, a short biography/description of you and/or your product/service, social media links and contact information.

  • The contract is for 3 consecutive months. Then, after the third month, it will be on a month to month basis.

  • We are familiar with your product and are here to guide new customers.

  • We market The ABQ Collective through Instagram, Facebook, and event flyers. We will tag your business on our social media. Feel free, when advertising on your social media, to tag us too.

  • For additional marketing, arrangements can be made to market your business on The ABQ Collective’s social media.

  • End of the month sales report includes number of items sold, net sales, gross receipts sales tax liability, and gross sales numbers.